Volunteers Wanted


  1. BulletAfrican Drummers

  2. BulletWater Filling Stations

  3. BulletSilent Stations

Educational Stations:

  1. BulletSanitation & Tap

  2. BulletAfrican Healthy Home

  3. BulletWater Conservation


To Volunteer:

  1. BulletCall the Water Girl at 530-342-5746 or email to girl4water@gmail.com

  2. BulletNext Volunteer Meeting: February 20th @ 7pm, 45 Parkside Ct., Chico


  1. BulletSchool Coordinator

  2. BulletPrize Coordinator

  3. BulletPoster Distribution

Day of Event:

  1. BulletSafety Monitors

  2. BulletSign Holders

  3. BulletGreeters

Make a Difference by Volunteering for the Walk4Water

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