Making a Difference


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Andrew Slankard

June 2017

Andrew Slankard used his talents to do a five minute video for the Ninth Annual Walk4Water (W4W).  He just graduated from CSU this spring and is now looking for full time employment.


National Charity

February 2017

A new group to the the W4W  was the
National Charity League.  Their mission is to foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences.  This year they were in charge of the refreshments and they plan to be back next year.  We appreciated their desire to help.


Orchard Church

January 2017

I just finished building a house in Mexico with a team from Orchard Church. Let me tell you they are hard workers.  They are planning to get up early to set up for the Walk4Water on March 25th. This will be the second year that the will be helping and we so appreciate their help.