International Partners

Our goal is to raise $12,100 during the W4W season for each of our International Partners


An experience that I will never forget is traveling with Lifewater  International to be part of a training team to educate African school teachers about water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).  After the training,  we went to the the schools, where the African teachers used what they had learned to teach the students.  After-School WASH Clubs were formed to train the children to be Change Makers.  The impact of clean water is improved by 60% when WASH is a part of the community. 

This summer we will be traveling to Uganda, Africa to install 100 TivaWater sand filtration systems.  Each filter costs $100 and will give an African family clean water for ten years.  We will also be providing training in hygiene and putting in latrines.  We will be giving a photo and note to the recipient families from donors and  we will take a photo of the family and send it to the donor.  The finished size should be 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 inches.  We would like to have them by April 1st.  Because the Africans in the village live simply, photos must be take with this in mind.

I have been fortunate to do two Vision Trips with World Vision to see the professional way that Water Projects are completed, from the beginning, to working with  villagers by asking the question, “What do you need most?”, to the completed project and the drinking of clean, safe water.  80% of villagers state that clean, safe water is the greatest need.

Preparing the Village Through Support and Training

World Vision requires that each family has access to the following   before providing a community well:

1Latrine: Replaces the practice of open defecation and keeps human waste isolated.

2Garbage pit: Replaces the practice of scattering garbage around a community.

3Hand-washing station: Replaces hand-washing at distant water sources where germs can be passed around. This station is placed near toilets to ensure people wash their hands more often.

4Bathing shower: Replaces washing in community water sources and prevents the passing of germs to other bathers.

5Raised dish rack: Replaces the practice of drying dishes on the ground. The rack keeps dishes out of animals’ reach, and the sun sanitizes the items.

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