How You Can Help


Join the team of givers by donating to Bridging the Gap, which is a non-profit, publicly supported organization, under the umbrella of North Valley Community Foundation.

Invite Shirley Adams:

To speak at your church, school or civic group concerning water needs in developing countries.


Shop at Bridging The Gap Market; we are open the first Tuesday of every month from 3 to 7pm or call (530) 342-5746 for a showing.

Check out the BTG Market page for more information.  Gifts may be purchased at Beatniks and Cal Java in Chico, CA.

Money Raising Projects:

Create and sponsor a money raising event. Do what you love to do and do good.  We will never forget biking across the USA to raise awareness and money for clean water for our thirsty world.

Others have had gift shows in their homes, bake sales, car washes, collected pledges,etc.


Volunteer time or be a corporate sponsor.


100% of your donation is used for water projects in developing countries. Many of our donations are matched dollar for dollar are tax deductible.  You will receive a tax receipt from North Valley Community Foundation.

or you can mail checks to

Bridging the Gap

1380 East Ave, Suite 124 #103

Chico, CA 95926

Contact Shirley Adams for more information.

(530) 342-5746

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