Happy Birthday Ride... Nevada & Utah

Every two years we get the big desire to get on the road for a long bicycle ride to raise awareness and money for clean water.  We have gone Coast to Coast 3 times, down the East and West Coast,  but we still have 9 states that we haven't biked.  So to celebrate our 75th birthdays we are going to bike across Nevada and Utah, which we know is going to be a challenge......steep terrain and few services along the way.  We will be on U.S. Highway 50, which is described as "The Loneliest Road in America".  You are more then welcome to drop by and cheer us on.  Seriously, we appreciate your prayers for our safety, endurance, and money to be raised for our thirsty world.  We plan to leave September 28th and return at the end of October. The uniqueness of this trip is that Grant is going to be the sag wagon and do some biking and Sky will be the solo bicyclist. We plan to post our Ride on the Bridging the Gap by Giving Facebook page.  You can donate by clicking here or by mailing a check to: Bridging the Gap by Giving, 1380 East Ave, Ste. 124 #103 Chico, CA 95926.


I want to thank each one of you that encouraged us through prayer, positive words, and donations.  We had no flat tires, injuries, sickness, rain, and every driver used caution when passing us.  On top of all that goodness, we went over our goal of raising $12,000 by $1,000 plus all funds raised will be matched.  We are so excited this this ride will provide two safe water projects with Lifewater International.  Gifts will be received until November 20th.  You can mail a check to Bridging the Gap by Giving, 1380 East Ave, Ste. 124 #103 Chico, CA 95926 or donate by going to www.btg4water.org.  Every $40 gives an African clean water for life.

Grant and Shirley Bike from Vancouver to Fort Bragg

“I love my summer adventures, but when I can combine it by doing good for others, I am truly alive.  Blending life is so exciting.” - Shirley

Grant and Shirley Adams leave on September 8, 2015 to bike from

Vancouver, Canada to Fort Bragg, CA to complete their bicycle ride around the USA.  Follow their adventures by going to Bridging the Gap by Giving on Facebook.

Completed July 21, 2015

Grant & Walker Photo Album../Photos/4_Wheels.html

Grant Adams, graduating from CHS, and Walker Adams, a junior at CHS will be biking Coast to Coast.  They will begin their ride on June 7th by dipping their back wheel into the Pacific Ocean and complete their ride in Yorktown, VA.  You can follow their journey of 4,100 miles by going to

4 Wheels For A Thirsty World on FaceBook. 

Both boys have grown up listening to Papa and “Meme” telling of their adventures of biking Coast to Coast and now it is their turn.  The boys will be paying their own expenses as they raise awareness and money for clean water.  All donations are tax deductible and can be made by going to www.btg4water.org or by mailing a check to Bridging the Gap by Giving

1380 East Ave, Ste. 124, #103 Chico, CA 95926.


The boys finished July 21, 2015 and raised $9,300. 

Uganda Travels Completed

Uganda Photo Album

A team of us will be leaving for Uganda, Africa on June 9th to deliver 120 TivaWater Sand Filtration Systems, to visit the villages that you put in a borehole, and latrines.  Follow our experiences on Facebook at Bridging the Gap by Giving.


The six of us are home with many good memories of success

and look forward to make many more next year.


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Adventures for Good

“Life is an adventure and if it is not an adventure, you are not alive.”

Helen Keller